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Iran Management Association

Iran Management Association (IMA) was established in 1960 by a group of farsighted Iranian executives, managers, and academics who wished to promote effective management in private and public sectors in Iran.
Over the years, IMA has witnessed enormous changes in the social, political, and economic fortunes of the country, but has remained committed to carrying out its original mission: teaching and practicing good management in Iran. IMA is under the supervision of the Iranian ministry of science, research, and technology. It has been graded as A+ by the ministry for Sixteen consecutive years.

IMA Mission statement:

  • An endeavor to promote creative, effective human capital committed to the fundamental values of the Association.
  • Empowerment of managers and professionals to offer high-quality services to government and private organizations.
  • Providing opportunities for personal and professional development for all the Association stakeholders.
  • Providing an environment for the development of the social responsibilities of all stakeholders.
  • Helping to develop green management for economic growth and a prosperous country.
  • Developing and promoting comprehensive thinking and futurism in management thinkers and experts.
  • Developing loyalty and dynamism among IMA’s individual and institutional members.
  • Developing a technology-based communication network for quick, accurate, and qualitative implementation of up-to-date management knowledge.
  • Providing superior management services at national and international levels for the growth and prosperity of all association stakeholders.